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ins-pi GmbH (“ins-pi”), founded in August 2015 in Germany, is dedicated to delivering world-class digital solutions and professional services for enterprise transformation.

Our expertise in

  • Enterprise Transformation Management (ETM),
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), and
  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

is fueled by our passion for inspiring and maturing enterprises to reach their full potential.

As a ServiceNow technology partner, we specialize in developing 100% native and certified applications that focus on IP development rather than core platform development, setting us apart from competitors in the market.
Learn more about ins-pi and our solutions here.

Our goal is to make enterprise transformation solutions (apps) available to everyone at an affordable price, commoditizing the market and enabling businesses of all sizes to thrive.

How we do it

With decades of experience supporting G2K and Fortune 500 customers as both a customer/practitioner and vendor, ins-pi understands the challenges businesses face in managing their data effectively. We've seen firsthand how data quality issues, poor integration, and time-consuming data gathering exercises can impede progress and undermine even the best initiatives.

To address this pervasive industry problem, we've developed unique solutions on ServiceNow that establishes a golden source for operational and planning data and diagrams. We use innovative data quality management techniques to ensure that crucial data is current, complete, and correct. Our approach eliminates language barriers between different stakeholder groups and makes information consumable for anyone within the organization, without the need for limited frameworks.



ins-pi is one of the most successful technology partners of ServiceNow in the EMEA region.

Simon Howard
Director - Alliances and Channels @ ServiceNow


Having our heatmaps generated in Designer has saved us 6-8 weeks of effort in consulting engagement for our major financial transformation initiative at ServiceNow.

Jaydeep Marathe
Head of the Enterprise Architecture CoE @ ServiceNow


Building a digital twin using UPM-X and Designer gives us the opportunity to really create that continuum for the whole lifecycle, all the way to obsolescence, in an actionable database.

Andy Kopp
Director of Transformation Products @ Lexmark

who we are

ins-pi is a globally distributed company with its primary location in the EMEA region. Our team members speak and support customers in over 13 languages, ensuring that we can deliver exceptional service to businesses of all sizes and locations.

At ins-pi, we function like a well-oiled orchestra, with each team member knowing when it's time for their solo act and what it means to play together to create a harmonious experience. We pride ourselves on having a fun, collaborative culture that emphasizes delivering the best possible customer experience.

Our commitment to innovation has been recognized with the TOP 100 Innovator Award in Germany, which we've won for the second time in 2023. This award underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of our industry and driving progress through cutting-edge solutions.


Our core values



We thrive on making our customers and team successful.

At ins-pi, our success is defined by the success of our customers and team members. We're committed to providing the tools, support, and expertise necessary for everyone we work with to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Whether it's through delivering exceptional customer service or creating a positive, collaborative workplace culture, we're always striving to create opportunities for success.


We operate fully transparently in our motivation, pricing, and relationships.

At ins-pi, we believe in operating with complete transparency in all aspects of our business. This means being open and honest about our motivations, pricing, and relationships with our customers and partners. By providing clear and straightforward communication, we build trust and foster long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. Transparency is a core value of our organization, and we're committed to upholding it in everything we do.


We treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.

At ins-pi, we believe that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We strive to create a culture where everyone feels valued and appreciated, regardless of their position or background. Whether it's in our interactions with customers, team members, or partners, we prioritize empathy and understanding, and aim to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. By treating everyone with respect, we build stronger relationships and create a more positive, collaborative workplace.


We live by honesty in our words and actions.

At ins-pi, honesty is a core value that guides our words and actions. We believe that transparency and integrity are essential for building trust and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, team members, and partners. We always strive to be truthful and straightforward in our communication, even when it's difficult or uncomfortable. We can continuously learn and improve by holding ourselves accountable and being open about our successes and failures. Honesty is not just a value we aspire to; it's a principle we live by daily.


We work in trustful partnerships built on confidence and faith.

At ins-pi, we believe that trust is a fundamental aspect of any successful partnership. We strive to build strong, trustful relationships with our customers, team members, and partners, based on confidence and faith. We understand that trust is earned through consistent, reliable, and transparent communication, as well as by delivering on our promises. By demonstrating our commitment to honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior, we build trust with those we work with. At ins-pi, we recognize that trust is a critical foundation for creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, and we work tirelessly to uphold it.


We run a tight ship and are all part of a harmonized live orchestra.

At ins-pi, we believe that teamwork is essential for achieving our goals and delivering exceptional service to our customers. We view our team members as valuable contributors, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the table. Just like a harmonized live orchestra, we work together in a coordinated and synchronized way to produce beautiful and impactful results. By fostering a collaborative and supportive culture, we enable our team members to thrive and achieve their full potential. At ins-pi, we recognize that our success is built on the collective effort of our entire team.