Real-time Diagraming, Modeling

Designer is a real-time diagraming and modeling solution, native to the ServiceNow platform. It supports end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by interacting seamlessly with existing processes through your diagrams to bring your planned changes to life.

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Gain 200% Productivity
Just drag & drop

Increase your productivity by using real-time data from ServiceNow without integration.

Simple and easy to use
and incredibly powerful

Designed for maximum enterprise-wide collaboration including presentation mode for seamless distribution of diagrams.

2800+ Shapes
No Limit. No boundaries.

Designer is notation agnostic and provides over 2800 pre-configured shapes. Click to see the full list.


When it comes to re-imagining your enterprise, don’t let your tools hold you back. Designer is a world-class online diagraming and modeling application, native to the ServiceNow platform. It supports end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by interacting with existing processes through your diagrams and models.


Strategic Planning

Visualize your enterprise top-down by understanding all interdependencies. Watch our latest webinar about Business Capability mapping using Designer here.

Designer Top-Down



1.7 FTE saving

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Step into the future of Design-Driven Transformation

Why does ins-pi call this app “the must-have solution”? It empowers employees with real-time visual diagraming and current-state modeling based on real-time data. Working seamlessly with the CSDM/CMDB data model and custom tables, Designer presents information in language that stakeholders will understand.

A smarter way to manage relationships in ServiceNow

Using 100% build native applications on ServiceNow provides superb benefits e.g. one-click installation & update, security, performance and more.

All our applications are certified and available for supported ServiceNow releases within the store.  


hours savings p.a.


faster creation of diagrams


improved content & quality

Designer’s drag-and-drop simplicity belies its powerful capabilities. Developed for the way you work and built to support your processes, Designer is a fully web enabled application that lets you diagram and model your path forward, accessing all your data and tables from ServiceNow, and tracking all changes with an audit trail. Ready-to-go templates and shapes give you unlimited adaptability.

Designer provides the golden source for all your diagrams and keeps them in sync with real-time data. Furthermore, it updates diagrams automatically to show the gaps and achievements on your way to achieve your target landscape. Plus, you can get up and running almost immediately with very little training.


Infrastructure Diagrams at your fingertips

Discover your infrastructure in real-time without any integrations, directly in ServiceNow

Designer Infrastructure



Why you should care about Designer:

  • Establish a golden source for all diagrams and models in ServiceNow
  • Access and use all data and tables in ServiceNow
  • Drive transformation & change through diagrams
  • Track all changes with an audit trail
  • Low training and enablement effort
  • Fully self-service & easy to use
  • Certified ServiceNow Application
  • Fully web-enabled (no client installation required)
  • Transparent pricing for all users
  • Designed based on customer requirements