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Designer is a native visual diagraming and future-state modeling solution, that uses real-time data from ServiceNow.

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Designer is a real-time diagramming and modeling solution 100% built on ServiceNow. You have full access to your ServiceNow data to model the current state in your preferred industry notation. It also enables you to create future state elements and relationships which you can commit back to ServiceNow in a controlled way. It keeps the diagram content automatically in sync with your ServiceNow data to show the gaps and achievements on the way to your target landscape. 

Heated maps, landscape diagrams, capability maps, network diagrams, business models, and more – right at your fingertips, without spending hours of data collection & verification. 

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Step into the future of Design-Driven Transformation

Why does ins-pi call Designer “the must-have solution”? It empowers employees with real-time visual diagraming and current-state modeling based on real-time data from ServiceNow. Working seamlessly with the CSDM/CMDB data model and custom tables, it presents information in language that stakeholders will finally understand.

Customer Success Stories using Designer


Learn more about Lexmark's mission to transform their enterprise into an outcome-driven organization, supporting the wider vision to adapt an as-a-service business model. They also won an award for their EDT initiative.

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One of the biggest international retailers approached ins-pi with a challenge that was blocking the entire organization: collecting the data needed to create over 1,000 architectural diagrams was costing them 1.7 FTE per year.

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Assisting patients in achieving the best health outcomes requires thinking outside the box and early adaptation of new technologies. See how one Healthcare provider revitalized their processes through digital transformation.

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Reasons to get Designer for your enterprise:

  • Establish a golden source for all diagrams and models in ServiceNow
  • Access and use all data and tables in ServiceNow in real time
  • Drive transformation & change through diagrams
  • Track all changes with an audit trail
  • Requires low training and enablement effort
  • Certified ServiceNow Application
  • Fully web-enabled (no client installation required)
  • Transparent pricing for all users
  • Designed based on customer requirements
  • Fully self-service & easy to use