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Accessing your ServiceNow data has never been more straightforward.
You can effortlessly translate complex interdependencies into dynamic diagrams, intricate models, compelling visualizations, or organized tables.

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FREELUCY is a visual relationship editor extending ServiceNow capabilities to create, remap and delete relationships easily. Its drag & drop simplicity will ensure that it can create only permitted.
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Designer enables end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by seamlessly interacting with your existing processes through your diagrams, making it easy to bring your planned changes to life.
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BPM extension pack


A Complete Guide to YouDesign BPM

Discover all the ins and outs of the YouDesign BPM extension pack - your ultimate guide to unlocking its full potential.

YouDesign BPM


Unlock the potential of comprehensive Business Process Management with meticulously crafted BPMN shapes and an extended CSDM framework. Seamlessly model, analyze, and optimize processes to drive efficiency and innovation. YouDesign BPM expands the ServiceNow data model into a comprehensive business model encompassing.

Key features


2.0 Modeling

YouDesign BPM offers comprehensive support for BPMN 2.0 notation and shapes, enabling you to accurately document your enterprise processes.


Seamless Access

YouDesign BPM stands out as the only solution in the market that provides direct access to ServiceNow data, allowing you to seamlessly include and connect various data elements, such as Business Applications and Projects.



The BPM Extension Pack enhances the ServiceNow data model, enabling the direct storage of gateway and event data within the ServiceNow platform.



Experience effortless impact analysis with YouDesign BPM. Any alterations made to ServiceNow or process data are instantly visualized through the YouDesign Smart Indicators, providing real-time insights into factors like cost, risk, and other parameters without the need for manual updates to your process diagrams.


Synchronized with Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

For ServiceNow GRC users, YouDesign BPM offers additional value. It enables seamless access and visualization of crucial information and interconnections, empowering users to make well-informed decisions regarding compliance and risk management directly from the ServiceNow GRC module.

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The YouDesign BPM extension pack empowers businesses to centralize, optimize, and connect their processes to various data sources within ServiceNow, including projects, capabilities, applications, services, and infrastructure. By doing so, it revolutionizes the way processes are managed, leading to improved efficiency, automation, and real-time visibility.

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