Create, Remap, Delete Relationships

FREELUCY is a visual relationship editor extending ServiceNow capabilities to create, remap and delete relationships easily. Its drag & drop simplicity will ensure, that it can create only allowed relationships.

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Create, remap and delete relationships with just one finger. Why to use more?

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Full governance with ServiceNow's CSDM model. Your users will love it!


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Replaces traditional way of creating relationships

In today‘s Information Age, businesses need a deep understanding of the interdependencies across processes, applications, technologies, and more. Maintaining those relationships will provide the basis for impact analysis and better decision making.

Editing relationships is tricky for end users, requiring deep subject expertize and understanding of the underlying metamodel. Therefore, most relationships are missing, wrong or outdated, which impacts the required analysis insight.

A smarter way to manage relationships in ServiceNow

Using 100% build native applications on ServiceNow provides superb benefits e.g. one-click installation & update, security, performance and more.

All our applications are certified and available for supported ServiceNow releases within the store.  


Create Relationships

Fully Drag-n-Drop—Gone are the days of having to know what the underlying metamodel is to create relationships. FREELUCY is following the ServiceNow CSDM data model and suggested relationships. Just drag & drop to create a new relationship. FREELUCY is taking care, that you do not create relationships, which does not make sense!


Remap Relationships

Minimizing clicks—Ups... that relationship does not belong there? Deleting and creating a new relationship was yesterday. You can remap relationships via drag & drop. FREELUCY takes care about the rest in the background.


Delete Relationships

Easy Super Power—It's tricky, we know. But no magic! Just drag & drop into empty space to remove a relationship in FREELUCY. Of course, you can review the changes before you finally commit the changes.  



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The Story behind FREELUCY

Our customers ask, we innovate and deliver

While improving the user experience for our UPM-X product we have created a feature to create, remap and delete relationships per drag & drop. UPM-X is primarily used by architects maintaining relationships manually. The logical objects created do not exist physically at that stage and can’t be discovered.

Following our passion we thought: “We need to get this out to all ServiceNow users! Even outside of the conceptional planning activities there are still a lot of relationships which requires manual editing. Let‘s give something cool back to the community.“

Is it really for free?

It's part of the spiritual journey and little craziness

Yes! FREELUCY is using core platform functionalities with additional enhancements. No tables are introduced, therefore no ServiceNow licenses are required.

If you ask yourself "What’s in it for ins-pi?", the answer is pretty simple: We are developing on the ServiceNow platform since 2015 and got a lot during this time from the community. Now, it‘s the time for us to give something back.

It‘s more the spiritual thing and journey we are in as a company. Money is just an enabler for us to do great things. We enjoy the positive feedback and energy shared by people. It‘s all worth to get your smile…


It's your last chance!

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