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Accessing your ServiceNow data has never been more straightforward.
You can effortlessly translate complex interdependencies into dynamic diagrams, intricate models, compelling visualizations, or organized tables.

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FREELUCY is a visual relationship editor extending ServiceNow capabilities to create, remap and delete relationships easily. Its drag & drop simplicity will ensure that it can create only permitted.
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Designer enables end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by seamlessly interacting with your existing processes through your diagrams, making it easy to bring your planned changes to life.
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How To: Enable Complete Business Architecture Natively on ServiceNow

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9 Ways Your Enterprise Architecture Will Fail

Why does Enterprise Architecture (EA) fail? This is an evergreen question that people from the EA industry frown upon, and yet when our marketing...

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Imagine This: Managing Relationships on Servicenow, but Faster

Did you know there is a faster and more intuitive way to create relationships on ServiceNow? Meet FREELUCY – a new way to manage your relationships...

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