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Accessing your ServiceNow data has never been more straightforward.
You can effortlessly translate complex interdependencies into dynamic diagrams, intricate models, compelling visualizations, or organized tables.

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Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture is essential for a sustainable business transformation in your enterprise. UPM-X helps you understand planned changes' current and long-term impacts in real time. Furthermore, your Enterprise Architecture Management Solution runs 100% on ServiceNow without any necessary integration!

UPM-X embeds Enterprise Architecture Management
into your organization’s DNA

Enterprise Architecture is essential for a sustainable business transformation in your company. UPM-X helps you understand the IT landscape and the current and long-term impact of planned changes in real-time. It enables Enterprise Architects to support end-to-end transformation processes across their organization. By extending ServiceNow's architecture, metamodel, and data governance, UPM-X offers improved portfolio management.


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You don't have to waste time figuring out how to integrate your Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) solution with other sources such as CMDB, ITSM, PPM, LDAP, etc. UPM-X is 100% built on the ServiceNow platform and establishes a single source of truth for all your operational and planning data.

With UPM-X, you have pre-configured dashboards with dynamic filters, and data quality measurement in real-time to support your use cases. Ultimately, it makes decision-making about every aspect of enterprise planning more accessible and quicker without integrating with other operational data sources.

We know that UPM-X users are a little different than just Enterprise Architects. People who use UPM-X are the creative spirits of the enterprise architecture world. They are the people who are not out to simply get the job done; they’re out to change the world by changing their enterprise. We make tools for those kinds of people!

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UPM-X at a glance:

Architecture Governance

Embedded end-to-end enterprise architecture governance workflows to support the IT landscape approvals while planning future changes.

Metamodel Governance

Plan new tables, fields, and relationships following the ServiceNow change processes and visualize your data model using Designer.

Data Governance

Ensure mandatory data is current, complete, and correct while motivating your data stewards worldwide to verify data regularly.

Portfolio Management

We have extended and improved ServiceNow’s portfolio management capabilities to fit your EA needs and exceed your expectations.

Ready to go Use-cases

Prebuilt use cases enriched with visualizations and dashboards will ensure high satisfaction among your stakeholders as they make decisions.

Built by Practitioners

We love Enterprise Architecture! We want to deliver success and value. This is why we see beyond the academic frameworks and metamodels.