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        Enterprise Transformation, Architecture, Planning

        Your Enterprise Architecture Management Solution natively running on ServiceNow—without any integration!

        UPM·X Trailer 2019


        EAM meets Reality

        UPM-X unifies the planning and operational layers of the enterprise on a single platform, ServiceNow.

        Your Golden Source for all Data

        EAM, SPM, BPM, IPM, PPM, APM, TPM, ITSM, CMDB and more just at your fingertips.

        No Integrations Required

        Integrating EA tools with CMDB, ITSM etc. never worked successfully. Join UPM-X to gain value from your EAM practice.

        A smarter way to manage relationships in ServiceNow

        Using 100% build native applications on ServiceNow provides superb benefits e.g. one-click installation & update, security, performance and more.

        All our applications are certified and available for supported ServiceNow releases within the store.  

        UPM-X is designed for leaders restless for change, impatient for progress, and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo. UPM-X gives decision makers more of what they love to see in an enterprise software—pre-configured dashboards with dynamic filters, and real-time data quality measurement to support their use-cases.

        Strategy Roadmap

        Scenario Management

        Security Dashboard

        Scenario Comparison

        UPM-X is the EAM solution on ServiceNow, natively unifying all key enterprise disciplines like EAM, SPM, BPM, PPM, APM, ITSM and CMDB on a single platform with no integration needs. So you get a comprehensive, centralized control over the sprawling undertaking of enterprise transformation, with the ability to speed up your decision-making based on real-time data. Driving change across your enterprise means you need a clear process that’s easy to understand and quick to implement, for everyone involved.

        With UPM-X you have pre-configured dashboards with dynamic filters, and real-time data quality measurement to support your use-cases. Ultimately, it makes decision-making about every aspect of enterprise planning easier and quicker without having to integrate with other operational data sources.

        UPM-X users are a little different than just being architects. People who buy UPM-X are the creative spirits of this world. They are the people who are not out just to get a job done; they’re out to change the world by changing their enterprise. We make tools for those kinds of people.