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Lexmark Wins the 2020 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Award

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Congratulations to our customer Lexmark for winning the 2020 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Award.


The Award

Applying the Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) concept to their enterprise by establishing a digital thread to gain insights is a compelling Digital Transformation journey that gained Lexmark industry recognition at the 2020 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards.

By providing the missing link between strategy and action, Lexmark's Enterprise Architecture team played an impactful role across the organization. Their expanded capabilities from strategic & analytical to prescriptive & actionable were recognized and lauded in the EA industry.

Moreover, the transformation the Enterprise Architecture team went through had an overreaching positive impact across the whole organization. They've enabled the overall Lexmark vision for transformation-as-a-service, contributed significantly to cost reduction efforts, and ignited a wave of innovation by making data accessible and consumable. Hear more on the topic in our webinar with Forrester here.


Lexmark’s Digital Twin Journey

Lexmark creates innovative IoT- and cloud-enabled imaging technologies that help customers in more than 170 countries achieve their vision of print simplicity, security, savings, and sustainability. We support Lexmark in streamlining and optimizing their existing workflows and solutions with our Designer and UPM-X applications.

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Lexmark’s Digital Twin journey (watch the 2020 webinar with Principal Analyst at Forrester, Gordon Barnett) is proof of what organizations can gain from working with Enterprise Architecture tools that empower them to merge the conceptual and operational reality. With the creation of their Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT), Lexmark was able to set the business directions to move with quality and speed at optimal cost from strategy down to operations. You can read the full story here.


Lexmark Shares Their Industry Knowledge

Throughout the years, we have partnered on several webinars with Lexmark, on topics such as:

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