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Press Release: ins-pi Wins Top-Innovator Award

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Cologne, Germany (January, 2022) Today ins-pi is delighted to announce receipt of the TOP 100 Innovator in Germany award. ins-pi is a software manufacturer focusing on enterprise architecture and transformation management.

The company's selection for the TOP 100 Innovator award results from a commitment to creating modern and effective business software on top of the ServiceNow platform. ins-pi's three core applications (FREELUCY, Designer, and UPM-X) are 100% Built on Now, which means they are certified, secure, and part of the ServiceNow suite.

The software manufacturer continues to innovate, working with partners including Lexmark, ServiceNow, and Retail. Commenting on this momentous occasion in a recent interview with The European, Senior Partner at ins-pi, Klaus Isenbecker, had this to say:

"If you really want to work innovative, you have to always be creative. You (should) always challenge what you have, bring input from internal people, clients, and prospects."

One of the criteria for becoming a TOP 100 Innovator was answering the key question "What are you doing with your customers and partners in terms of open innovation?" To answer it, Senior Partner at ins-pi, Kadir Özbayram, said the following:

"Listen to your customers! Your idea may be fantastic, but as long as you are not solving real customer real problems, forget it, you will not be successful."


Who is compamedia?
Compamedia, has been giving out the TOP 100 awards since 1993 to Germany's most innovative companies. Prof. Dr. Nicholas Franke leads the award committee and he is the founder & director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. To read our full Company Portrait (in German):

ins-pi: Die Datenvisionäre

The in-person award ceremony was held on June 24 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and ins-pi was given the Top Innovator award by Ranga Yogeshwar.


Photo credits: KD Busch / compamedia