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Driving Innovation with a Collaborative Mindset: The ins-pi Success Story

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In order to achieve digital transformation, it is crucial to implement changes not just in the technology sector, but also within the people involved. At ins-pi, trust and collaboration are fundamental principles that underpin our company's success. Our success in innovation is directly attributed to the strong trust and collaboration we have with our clients and partners, such as ServiceNow.

"Klaus and I don't look at ourselves as bosses, but more as senior partners," says Kadir Özbayram, who, together with Klaus Isenbecker, manages the company.

What he means by that is: that it's not about 'the bosses up there' and 'the employees down below' for us here at ins-pi. The principle of flat hierarchies is not just a phrase for us, but a part of our daily business – just like software is to hardware. This inner attitude, where everyone collaborates on an equal footing regardless of their position, creates the best conditions for nurturing creative ideas. Read more about driving innovation (with strategic enterprise architecture) here.


Caribbean flair for strong team spirit

Founded in 2015, ins-pi’s mindset is also reflected in the fact that not all employees sit in the Cologne, Germany, headquarters. "We also have people working for us from our new office in Miami, FL, and various other countries across Europe. In that sense, we are also a virtual company," says Klaus Isenbecker. Suggestions for improvement from the staff are always highly welcomed. This also applies to the bi-annual company meetings held in the Caribbean, where creative minds exchange ideas in a relaxed environment. "Of course, that is an extraordinary experience," he remarks with a touch of excitement, going on to say,

"Our teams communicate every working day, for example, through our internal chats, so we don't need to travel to exotic countries specifically. Nevertheless, such meetings promote and strengthen the team spirit of our staff."


Expanding the offering through collaborations

As an Advanced Platform technology partner of ServiceNow, ins-pi offers a unique solution to bring together real-time data from across your organization and design your transformation in one single source of truth – all without leaving the ServiceNow platform.

When asked to provide an example of the innovation success of ins-pi, Kadir Özbayram doesn't have to think long,

"We provide our customers with a free tool called FREELUCY, which extends the functionality of ServiceNow and helps them save time in computer-based work processes. Thanks to this tool, we have successfully attracted many customers to our entire product portfolio."

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