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Accessing your ServiceNow data has never been more straightforward.
You can effortlessly translate complex interdependencies into dynamic diagrams, intricate models, compelling visualizations, or organized tables.

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FREELUCY is a visual relationship editor extending ServiceNow capabilities to create, remap and delete relationships easily. Its drag & drop simplicity will ensure that it can create only permitted.
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Designer enables end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by seamlessly interacting with your existing processes through your diagrams, making it easy to bring your planned changes to life.
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Product information


Unlock the full potential of your enterprise with Designer - a real-time diagramming and modeling solution natively built on ServiceNow. Our application enables end-to-end Design-Driven Transformation by seamlessly interacting with your existing processes through your diagrams, making it easy to bring your planned changes to life.

Key features

Real-time data
access & sync

With Designer running natively as a ServiceNow plugin, you can enjoy real-time access and synchronization of your data, keeping your diagrams up-to-date automatically without the need for integration.

Future state

Plan different scenarios and create future state elements and relationships without altering operational data in ServiceNow using Designer. You can easily decide when to commit your changes into the tables.

Heat maps & realtime indicators

Easily generate consumable management outputs with configurable real-time indicators for risk, cost, health, and more in Designer. Our solution also includes a presentation mode that automatically updates diagram content based changes.

3-step approval

Boost collaboration and governance with Designer's collaborative approval workflow. Seamlessly interact with your existing processes and workflows to automate design-driven transformation and ensure efficient review and approval of diagrams.

Secure single
source of truth

Rest easy knowing that all your configuration, data, and diagrams are securely stored within the ServiceNow platform, fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements such as FedRAMP, DoD IL4 & 5, SSAE 18 SOC 1 & 2, and more.


Maximize your efficiency with Designer's prepackaged shape libraries, including Archimate, AWS, Azure, BPMN, Google Cloud, Office, UPM-X, and more. Easily adapt and customize these libraries to suit your specific needs and streamline your workflow.

Featured usecases


By enabling users to plan for the future state of their IT landscape, Designer provides a powerful tool for strategic planning and optimization. Organizations can model different scenarios and evaluate the impact of potential changes before implementing them, reducing the risk of costly errors or disruptions.

planning & mapping

Capability-based planning (CBP) and Capability mapping are two related but distinct concepts in enterprise architecture and fully supported by ins-pi Designer.


Understanding data lineage is critical from an enterprise perspective because it helps organizations track the flow of data from its origin to its final destination. This knowledge is essential for ensuring data accuracy, compliance with regulations, and effective decision-making.