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        Who is ins-pi?

        We are

        The ins-pi La Familia

        The European — Business Transformation Interview with ins·pi

        What we do

        Founded in August 2015 in Germany, ins-pi GmbH (“ins-pi”) provides world-class digital solutions for enterprises, and first-class professional services around enterprise transformation.

        ins-pi is built on passion, to inspire and mature enterprises to the next levels of:

        Our strong relationship with ServiceNow as a technology partner allows us to develop 100% native and certified applications by focusing on IP development rather than core platform development, which distinguishes us from any competitor on the market. Learn more about what we do here.

        Our mission is to commoditize the enterprise transformation market with solutions (apps) provided on the ServiceNow platform, making it available to everyone at an affordable price.

        How we do it

        ins-pi has accumulated decades of experience both as a customer/practitioner and vendor supporting G2k and Fortune 500 customers. We have faced always the same challenge: “Getting the data and getting the data right!”. Initiatives are failing because of not working integrations, too long taking data gathering exercises and especially because of poor data quality.

        To tackle this industry problem, we have taken an approach to establish a golden source for operational & planning data and diagrams into a single, unified platform — ServiceNow, and an innovative way to manage data quality to ensure that crucial data is current, complete and correct.

        Furthermore, we eliminate the language barriers between different stakeholder groups making information consumable for anyone within the organization — instead of using limited frameworks.


        ins-pi is one of the most successful technology partners of ServiceNow in the EMEA region.

        Simon Howard
        Director - Alliances and Channels @ ServiceNow


        Having our heatmaps generated in Designer has saved us 6-8 weeks of effort in consulting engagement for our major financial transformation initiative at ServiceNow.

        Jaydeep Marathe
        Head of the Enterprise Architecture CoE @ ServiceNow


        Building a digital twin using UPM-X and Designer gives us the opportunity to really create that continuum for the whole lifecycle, all the way to obsolescence, in an actionable database.

        Andy Kopp
        Director of Transformation Products @ Lexmark

        who we are

        Our virtually and globally distributed company has its primary location in the EMEA region with team members speaking and supporting customers in 13+ languages.

        ins-pi members are like an orchestra playing on stage. Everyone knows when it’s time for their solo act. Everyone knows what it means to play together and to stay in tune. Everyone is having fun, providing the best customer experience.

        our values



        Our goal is to make our customers and ins-pi successful.


        We treat everyone with dignity and respect, as we want to be treated.


        We treat everyone with dignity & respect, regardless of their background.


        We live by honesty in our words and actions.


        We establish a trustful environment built on confidence and security.


        We run a tight ship and are all part of a harmonized live orchestra.