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        STEP 1


        • Click one of the buttons above to navigate to the ServiceNow store.
        • Click the Get button for FREELUCY, or Request Trial button for Designer & UPM-X  in the ServiceNow store.
        • Login with your ServiceNow HI-Account credentials.
        • After ins-pi’s approval of your request, you can select a non-productive instance to install the trial. There is no approval required for the FREELUCY application!


        • The trial version can only be installed on non-productive instances associated with your companies ServiceNow HI-Account.
        • We do not support installation on personal development instances.
        • You can try the applications with your data.
        • ins-pi has no access to your instance or data.
        • The trial is cost-free and starts with the installation date.

        STEP 2

        Prerequisites — Check Your Instance Settings

        Before you start the trial installation of any application, please ensure that the maximum file attachment size is set correctly.

        • Go to System Properties > Security > Maximum file attachment size in megabytes and set to > 500 MB


        • The application is downloaded as a ZIP file from the ServiceNow store. The installation can not be performed, if the maximum file attachment size too small.

        STEP 3

        Install Application

        To install the application from Madrid onwards:

        1. Log in to the ServiceNow instance on which you want to install the app.
        2. Navigate to System Applications > All Available Applications > All.
        3. Search for the app you want to install.
        4. Click on Install. The application is automatically installed onto your instance.

        NOTE: You can select the option to ‘Install with Demo Data‘ which will install the application with demo content.


        • The installation is completely hands-free.
        • The demo data contains example content to get quickly started.

         JAM SESSION

        Setup a free JAM Session for Designer & UPM-X

        To gain maximum value of the trial period, we recommend setting up a free JAM session. Ideally, this should happen at the beginning of the trial period.

        The JAM session will provide you:

        • the ability to ask questions,
        • review your use-cases,
        • deep-dive into features & functionality of the applications, and
        • discuss next steps.


        • The JAM session or the User Guide are not replacements for a training session!